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Free Consultation:
During our free no-obligation consultations one of our nationally certified personal trainers will meet with you to discuss your goals and fitness needs and will help you decide what fitness options would be best for you.

Fitness Assessment:

Our Personal Trainers will perform a series of tests including and overhead squat assessment, body fat testing and girth measurements to help determine your areas of need. Other assessments may be preformed as needed. The

Fitness Assessment is optional.

1 on 1 Personal Training:

This consists of the use of a variety of fitness equipment to help you reach your fitness goals. Equipment ranges from traditional bands and dumbbells to kettlebells and TRX suspension training and everything in between depending on your personal fitness plan. This keeps workouts fun and effective!

Group/Personal Training:

Small groups consist of 2-6 people of your choosing. Save money and have fun working out with friends, your spouse, coworkers or whoever you choose! Group training adds a fun and exciting element to your workouts!

Sports Specific Training:

Most injuries in athletics are related to the shoulders, knees, elbows and back. These injuries are usually due to explosive repetitive movement when stabilizing muscles are not strong enough and opposing muscles are overworked. Whether you are an athlete or play for recreation you need to properly train for your sport. Through sports specific training exercises and a focus on joint stabilization and core training you will build the foundation that you need for any sport you play.

TRX Suspension Training:

Developed by the US Military and Fitness Anywhere, TRX Suspension Training uses leveraged bodyweight to allow you to perform hundreds of exercises that build power, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility and prevent injuries. You choose the intensity so TRX training can be done by anyone at any age and because of its portability it can be done almost anywhere.
We offer both 1 on 1 and small group TRX training.


Originating in Russia, kettlebells are among the most versatile of exercise equipment. Kettlebells offer a unique training experience that uses dynamic movements to target all aspects of fitness—endurance, strength, balance, agility and cardio. Shaped differently than dumbbells, kettlebells change the center of gravity during the workout to make it both efficient and challenging.
We offer both 1 on 1 and small group kettlebell training.


The lower back, shoulders and knees are common areas of injury and can make working out and daily unpleasant or impossible. We can develop programs to help rehabilitate injuries, manage your pain, strengthen your body to prevent future injuries, or get you back on the road to working out following physical therapy.


Whether you’re looking for weight loss, toning, strengthening or all three, we offer Bootcamps specially designed to help you meet your goals. Bootcamps can include 2-6 people of your choice.

Pre- & Post-Natal:

We design workouts for you to help you with your specific needs during your pregnancy and after. We can work with you and your needs as determined by your doctor to help you stay in shape for yourself and your baby. After your delivery we will help you get back into the shape you’re looking for.


Whether you’re an athlete or just looking to train for improved fitness, proper stretching will improve your performance, increase your flexibility, help prevent injuries and make you feel better. Depending on your needs your sessions can include stretching or be focused solely on flexibility.
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